Business takes all sorts of joys and sorrows clear goals to succeed

is your goal in life, to strive for, no matter how hard the road is, how bitter. "Entrepreneurship takes all sorts of joys and sorrows, but as long as you can grasp the opportunity to strive for, will succeed." Xie Rushan, general manager of Guangzhou new speed Education Co., ltd..

"I stepped into the threshold of the University, began a part-time career." In 2004, he graduated from the Middle School of management, Xie Rushan was born in a poor family, on the loan to the University, but also do a lot of part-time, such as selling newspapers, tutoring, send a single, etc.. These jobs make him make a lot of friends, do sales, insurance and business, but also as a civil servant.

characters: Guangzhou for culture communication limited company general manager Huang Xiting