Xingtai youth entrepreneurship Contest Finals ended

entrepreneurial youth always have a strong entrepreneurial enthusiasm, which allows them to have been active in the field of entrepreneurship in the field of the first line, the pioneer of innovation and entrepreneurship. All around the youth entrepreneurship contest, to play the young people’s innovation and creativity, promote the development of China’s entrepreneurship.

the contest sponsored by the municipal Party committee, organized a total of 103 projects to participate in the preliminary round, and from the 23 projects selected in the selected 8 finals.

to the finals of the project roadshow, expert comments, players reply in the form of a comprehensive assessment of the feasibility of ability, planning ability and the expression of the contestants entries, and published results and rankings.

now society for young entrepreneurs to create a suitable environment for excellent, all-round to provide the best support for young entrepreneurs, young entrepreneurs to promote the future, create wealth for the society at the same time, bring more jobs.

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